Kukutasana – Rooster Pose




Kukutasana, Rooster Pose, Cockerel Pose, Cock Pose

How to perform Kukutasana

Sit crossed-legged in Padmasana, the Lotus Pose. Put your hands in between your calves and thighs and push them and the arms through until the palms lie flat on the floor. Slowly shift your weight to the arms and lift yourself up until your elbows.

Benefits of Kukutasana

This yoga pose strengthens your arms and shoulders as well as your chest muscles.
Of course it also improves your balance and help you to focus on having your weight on other body parts than your legs.
This posture stimulates your Mooladhar Chakra, which is your first Chakra and lets the Kundalini energy rise.

Tips and Help

If you have never done this yoga asana before, you may have difficulties lifting yourself up. In the beginning you simply try to shift your body weight to your arms. Do it slowly, not with sudden pushes, and you will see that soon you can shift your whole body weight onto your arms, not only a fraction of it.
If you have difficulties with being in the lotus seat, just try the exercise in a simple tailor seat with your legs crossed.

Practice Time

You can hold the yoga pose as long as you can however stop immediately if you feel any kind of pain in your arms or shoulders. If you feel your arms are weak and tired from previous practice, take a break and try it later again.

When to Avoid Kukutasana

Do not perform this yoga posture if you suffer from arthritis or experience pain in hands, wrists and arms during the pose.

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