Moola Shodhan – Ganesha Kriya



Moola Shodhan, Ganesha Kriya, Rectum Cleaning, Anal Cleaning

How to perform Moola Shodhan

This Kriya should be done after defecation. In that time, Apana Vayu is in motion, forcing the waste out of the body via the anus and thus making this the best time to access the rectum for cleansing.

Moola Shodhan is usually done while squatting in Utkatasana. Due to the nature of this cleaning exercise, you would want to do this on the toilet. If you have a toilet for squatting, you can easily combine these two preparations. If not, it also works sitting on the normal ‘western’ toilet seat.
Apply warm ghee or melted butter on your middle finger. Some people recommend using ghee mixed with turmeric because of turmeric’s natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties and as it helps to reduce swelling. In other places you will find recommendations to use a turmeric root, a carrot or a radish instead of your finger but your finger is the sagest possibility as you have most control on it. If you have hygiene concerns about your finger, you can use medical gloves.
After applying ghee to your middle finger, slowly insert it in your anus. After complete insertion, rotate it first clockwise, then anticlockwise before taking it out again.

Benefits of Moola Shodhan

The main purpose and benefit of the Moola Shodhan Kriya is that it cleans rectum and intestines. When you have the feeling of uncleanliness and that waste is stuck at the walls of rectum or intestines, Moola Shodhan can help you remove any stuck waste. As the Apana Vayu is active in that time just after defecation, this is a way of helping the natural process.
Obviously this also helps if you suffer from constipation, as it stimulates your intestines to release the waste that has to go out.
If that waste is stuck longer and not removed, there is a risk of bacterial infection, fungus, flatulence and gas problems. These obviously are prevented by this cleaning practice. Other abdominal and intestinal disorders such as colitis and indigestion can be cured and prevented by Moola Shodhan.
In this way the practice of Moola Shodhan can also help you get rid of extra weight which was caused by unclean stomach and intestines.
The massage that you do also stimulates your sexual organs and releases sexual energy in the body.
This cleansing of the root, the moola, is also beneficial for the root chakra, the Mooladhar Chakra, which is stimulated by the actions.

When to perform Moola Shodhan

This Kriya is a practice that should only be performed in case there are any problems of digestion. One can practice it regularly in order to learn it but should refrain from doing so once one has mastered it.

Tips and Help

If you experience pain while doing this practice, you can relax your anal muscles by applying some warm water before the practice.
If you are a beginner and are unsure, you can do it bit by bit and learn to relax while performing this practice.

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